Report Trump Repeatedly Inflated His Net Worth in Deals With Deutsche Bank

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Trump then sent Deutsche Bank bare bones financial statements that estimated his net worth at $8. Trump was pleased with the results when a Deutsche Bank executive called according to a person who heard the conversation. Trump said he did not remember and that he doubted the salesmen actually expected to be taken to Mar Lago. Offit tells the Times that lending to otherwise untouchable borrowers was how the bank made a name for itself. In a later deal to fund the Trump International Hotel and Tower in Chicago Trump told wary bank officials that he had a net worth of $3 billion. However they concluded he was worth roughly $788 million. The president does not drink so he celebrated St. Patricks Day by tweeting like the manic leprechaun artist he is Jimmy Kimmel said on Mondays Kimmel Live. And the idea that late night shows are colluding with Russia is ridiculous Kimmel said. Late night shows colluding with Russia that is insane Stephen Colbert agreed on The Late Show

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