Election 2020 Trump Will Have An Easy Win Moodys Analytics Claims

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If the economy remains strong and voter turnout meets the historical average or is low the model shows Trump winning handily. The model is broken up into the pocketbook model and the unemployment model. It argues Trump will win re election if these three variables continue into 2020. the pocketbook model the stockmarket model and the unemployment model. Moodys said Trump does best under the pocketbook model that measured how people feel about their finances. Moodys explained that its pocketbook model is the most economically driven of the three. However the results will depend on voter turnout. The report states that Trump has the advantage in several forecast models such as the economy and energy prices. dems on debate stage knew warren is frontrunner and biden is finishedthe caveat comes in the form of voter turnout. The stock market model only has Trump getting 289 electoral votes to Democrats 249

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