President Trumps controversial idea to press nations to pay the full cost of stationing US forces on their soil plus 50 percent more is not a topic the Defense Department has broached with European allies a top Pentagon official stated on Wed

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Kathryn Wheelbarger said that Trumps so called cost plus 50 formula may have come up in conversations with allies in the Pacific but not with those under her purview. military installations traditionally pay a portion of the costs to house and equip the troops. But top GOP lawmakers have blasted the idea as detrimental to U. interests and its relationships with allies. said Sunday that the plan would be absolutely devastating to U. Consistent with President Trumps direction said EPA Administrator Andrew Wheeler in a press release. UNINTENDED CONSEQUENCESWhile some refiners like the proposed reforms they face stiff opposition from oil majors such as Exxon Mobil Corp and Chevron Corp. These companies generate more credits than needed for compliance allowing them to profit by selling extra credits when prices rise. The EPA is also seeking to limit the duration a non obligated party can hold RINs and increase the compliance frequency of the program. The Justice Department is investigating if Malaysian businessman Jho Low donated to the Trump Victory committee according to the Wall Street Journal

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