The Justice Department reportedly is probing whether a 100000 donation to a political fundraising group linked to Trumps re election campaign came from Jho Low the fugitive who is accused of helping to steal billions of dollars from 1MDB a s

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These allegations are completely false and without any basis at all as the Wall Street Journal was informed before publishing them Rathmell said. Indeed Mr Low had never heard of LNS or Larry Davis until referenced by the Wall Street Journal. Read the full Wall Street Journal article here. Ronna Romney McDaniel spoke before President elect Donald Trump at the DeltaPlex Arena Michigan. Low also allegedly sought to get the charges dismissed and Justice Department officials have subpoenaed people related to that effort. Its been a fine run for the RNC under the leadership of Ronna Romney McDaniel. As NPR noted the move suggests there wont be any more big time indictments before Muellers final report. Of course Muellers report has been said to be in its final stages any number of times. Most recently CNN reported that Mueller would hand in his report as early as next week

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