The Trump Administration May Have to Locate and Reunite More Separated Families

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The Trump administration had argued that locating the children would be burdensome. Meanwhile Trump tweeted about the large numbers of undocumented immigrants apprehended at the border. In a massive legal blow to the Trump administration a federal judge late Friday ruled that all immigrant families impacted by the governments widely action lawsuit. The Trump White House has prepared an executive order to begin the process of reopening foreign CIA black sites that were used in the Bush administration to detain suspects in the war on terrorism it was reported Wednesday. President Obama closed the black sites according to the Associated Press. The order Detention and Interrogation of Enemy Combatants. It calls on US officials to recommend to the president whether to re value alien terrorists to be operated outside the United States and whether such program should include the use of detention facilities operated by the Central Intelligence Agency the AP said. White House spokesman Sean Spicer cast doubt on whether the draft document would be green lighted. It is not a White House document he said. side of the border fence between Mexico and the United States during an inter religious service against U

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