A Third of America Cannot Be Diehard Trump Fans

trump eric


Many in the Trump base are growing restless with the presidents inaction on everything from border security to big tech censorship. Alex Jones sends a message to the president and offers solutions directly but Trump needs to act now!. Well also look at developments in the Paul Manafort case President Trumps grounding of Boeing 737 Max airplanes and more. Guests Patrick Stupfel and Will Johnson join the show today. President Donald Trumps former campaign chairman can be prosecuted even if he receives a presidential pardon. Kevin Downing had no comment on the New York case following his clients sentencing by Jackson. Manafort faces up to 25 years in prison on the three most serious charges in the latest indictment residential mortgage fraud in the first degree. On Wednesday but that he felt badly for Manafort. Lentol state Attorney General Letitia James and other prosecutors could pursue cases such as Manaforts. Trump rallies also dont always fill the arenas to capacity which suggests that there are limited numbers of those types of Trump fans

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