Democrats go after Trumps Old Green Deal New bill targets offshoring of American jobs

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is the only major country in the world where Max 8s continue to fly. It probably has something to do with Boeing CEO Dennis A. Muilenburg calling up Trump and promising the plane is safe. Muilenburg has also visited Mar Lago which is under criminal investigation for corruption. God only knows where he picked up that idea but its a safe bet hes completely out to lunch. A new bill introduced by a pair of congressional Democrats hopes to end the tax advantages that President Donald Trumps tax reform bill provided to companies that offshore American jobs. Both bill attempt to remedy provisions of the Trump tax reform bill that make it easier for companies to send jobs overseas. keep stuffing green in the pockets of the superrich whose pockets are already full. Martin Heinrich of New Mexico about the details of Trumps tax bill. Democrats can start by rewriting provisions like these to keep good paying American jobs at home

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