Echoing Beto ORourke Julian Castro Compares Trumps America To Nazi Germany

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Check out a host of features on the FREE Pantagraph app for iPhone and Android. Echoing fellow Democrat Beto ORourke The Washington Examiner reports. As The Intercept reported Democratic presidential candidate Beto ORourke compared Donald Trumps anti immigration rhetoric to Nazi Germany. According to Castro Trumps statements are dehumanizing and ORourke was right to call them out. Beto compared Trumps immigration rhetoric to Nazi Germany. America First nationalism Republican libertarianism and a political system in hock to corporate lobbying has just contributed to killing 356 innocent people. It is not just Boeing political and regulatory structures. pilots followed guidance but could not control ethiopian plane read morewhen the first crash happened boeing did not ground all max 8s; the faa also failed to act. The libertarian thinking the company exploited has caused a collapse in its reputation and reinforced a long overdue reaction to the excesses of corporate America. The right messaging worksFor years Venezuelans have been fleeing to South Florida

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