FBNs Varney Cheers Trumps Attack On Enemy American Media Go Get Em Sir

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This week Donald Trump had one of the best days of his presidency. Trumps critics have long viewed him as an abberation in United State presidential politics a man emotionally unsuited and intellectually unfit for the job. Trumps collusion would finally prove his illigitimacy. As if the Liar in Chief would know a basic journalistic standard if it was served to him on a plate of Russian caviar. companies to avoid tax by channeling their profits through tax havens. After paying a one time tax on their accumulated savings the new rules allow U. companies to distribute profits from foreign subsidiaries without having to pay any U. Moreover corporate income tax rates in the U. are now much lower than before which in theory ought to encourage more domestic investment and relatively less foreign investment. Similarly the change in tax rates relative to the rest of the world ought to have encouraged more foreign companies to invest in the U

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