Kid Rock Wore American Flag Pants to Golf with President Trump

trump eric


Of course and eager to point out that wearing the American flag as a clothing item is a violation of the United States Flag Code. It brings me no pleasure to say I can bawitdaba da bang da bang diggy diggy diggy no longer. Kid Rock is no stranger to flag code abuses and regularly incorporates the stars and stripes into his jazzier ensembles. Yet we only have four pages setting forth Barrs determinations without any of the underlying evidence. Barr then concludes that since Mueller made no criminal determination on obstruction he must make one. x This leaves it to the Attorney General language is so strange in that it seems to imply Barr had to reach a conclusion when in fact he didnt. More importantly the mere fact that Barr chose to make his own determination public without disclosing any of the underlying evidence makes it imperative that the American people get full access to the evidence Barr used to make his determination. The American people MUST see the entirety of the evidence the special counsel delivered to the Department of Justice. After nearly a two day hiatus President Donald Trump returned to his favorite social media platform Sunday morning with a common greeting and a familiar mantra

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