Racism In America Is Not Real But Discrimination Against Trump Supporters Is

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Across ages 25% or fewer say theyre getting a tax cut. Republicans are the only group in which 30% or more believe theyre getting a tax cut. But another 36% say their taxes are staying the same while 6% say theyre paying more to the IRS. If you were to listen to the Democrats that theyre being led off in chains. I feel like we are discriminated against in my neck of the woods when we wear our stuff. Actress Elisabeth Moss says America may have already lost the principles on which the country was founded. In an interview with The Daily Beast Moss said that her involvement in the hit Hulu series The Handmaids Tale serves as a reminder of the importance of freedom at a time when President Trump is planning to construct a wall on the U. and shot at the Lincoln Memorial she explained. If were all supposed to have the right to the life that we want to lead then that should apply to the gay community. is not where i stand moss told the beast

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