Trump Can Turn Americas Defense Welfare Into a Profit Center

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the resolution passed by a vote of 54 to 46 with seven republicans breaking with trump to back the resolution. By defining hostilities to include defense cooperation such as aerial refueling the Yemen resolution could also establish bad precedent for future legislation. McConnell argued the Yemen resolution will not enhance Americas diplomatic leverage and will make it more difficult for the U. to help end the conflict in Yemen and minimize civilian casualties. defense budget devoted to power projection is really protecting other nationsand making America less safe. Those who believe America should fill its globe spanning empire with foreign military facilities were aghast. Rather like the airlines Washington could constantly hit up its friends coming and going with new defense fees. The fiscal year 2020 budget proposes spending $4. but for the most part these spending cuts are not actually cuts in spending. However cuts of this size are dead on arrival because the amount that the administration cuts from non defense is almost entirely given to national defense

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