Trump isnt rolling back the American empire Hes expanding it

trump eric


Right there in plain English is private citizen Trump and specifically goes after the attack by one particular white supremacist loser named Burford Furrow. No one say again no one took the white supremacist loser more seriously than Donald Trump. ing an old episode of guy fieris diners minnesota. And if you dont and youll come up with a whole slew of articles. So maybe call me an outlier but I love Guy Fieri. the fact is drive ins and dives is actually a show about two things that have truly made america great. But that doesnt matter is putting it out there for everyone to see. Only a president determined to starve the beast would ultimately be able to shrink Americas military presence around the world. Worst of all wielding sanctions and tariffs like weapons. Expecting Trump to rollback the American empire is a fools dream

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