Exclusive Trump on Campus Free Speech Executive Order Were Going to Do a Very Big Number Probably Next Week

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President Donald Trump says he expects to do a very big number regarding an anticipated executive order on free speech on college campuses potentially next week. You know we give billions of dollars to these universities and they wont allow free speech?Ill probably be doing it next week adding his administration is planning to make it very tough. As for general tensions between conservatives and leftists Trump observed. I actually think that the people on the right are tougher but they dont play it tougher. young man that got hit hes going to become hopefully a rich man. founding fathers understood the importance of civilian casualties. He limited drone strikes to scenarios with near certainty that there would be no civilian casualties. Does discounting civilian casualties make the U. more secure in the long run?Despite the White House claims to the contrary research shows that such reporting is important for preventing civilian casualties. Looking back and moving forwardFranklins ruse demonstrates the power of using the tragedy of civilian casualties as propaganda

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