FBI to brief Gang of 8 on Trump counterintelligence probe as Lindsey Graham strikes back

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Attorney General William Barr did not mention that aspect of the investigation in his four page summary of Muellers findings released on Sunday. The report comes after Graham called for an investigation into Muellers counterintelligence probe Monday. When it comes to the FISA warrant Graham claimed. I want the people who believe that Trump was poorly treated to know that somebody looked at it and gave a damn. House Judiciary Committee on Tuesday unanimously approved a resolution directing the Justice Department to give Congress all records on FBI obstruction of justice or counterintelligence probes against President Donald Trump. President Donald Trump speaks as he meets with Israels Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu at the White House in Washington U. Democrats hope to scrutinize early FBI evidence of obstruction by Trump while Republicans expect to trace what they view as a possible anti Trump conspiracy at the Justice Department. The head of the House intelligence committee wants to know if that means the FBIs counterintelligence probe into the same question has also concluded. It is possible that Mueller closed the counterintelligence inquiry and it is possible that Mueller passed it back to the FBI. Its possible that Muellers findings with regard to the counterintelligence aspects could have caused the FBI to remove the presidents name from the Russian counterintelligence investigation

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