Trump news live President launches angry revenge mission with political bludgeon as FBI prepares to reveal findings of separate probe

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House Judiciary Committee on Tuesday unanimously approved a resolution directing the Justice Department to give Congress all records on a FBI obstruction of justice or counterintelligence probes against President Donald Trump. In a surprising show of bipartisanship days after U. Attorney General William Barr informed Congress that he did not find an obstruction case against Trump the Democratic 0 to send the measure to the full House of Representatives for a possible floor vote. I think some of them acted on their political beliefs some tried to hurt Clinton. How did the investigation of President Trump start?Just release the documents Kennedy said. The obstruction of justice allegations appeared to be a little closer call for him but he didnt recommend an indictment. Donald Trump will use the favourable outcome of the Mueller report to go after his enemies in Washington with a political bludgeon an aide has warned. In terms of political payback the people that Ive talked to in the White House over the last 24 hours talk about what this means for 2020 and where we go from here. use this as a political bludgeon ex white house staffer cliff sims told cnn. Please allow a moment for our liveblog to load

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