Federal judge allows Trump administrations restrictions on transgender troops

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Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell said in an interview aired Sunday that he does not think he can be fired by President Donald Trump. Trump has said the rate hikes are the biggest threat to U. When you heard President Trump call the Fed crazy and out of control Powell responded. The Feds seemingly sudden shift to pause on further interest rate hikes came after Trumps unprecedented string of negative comments about Powell and the Fed hiking rates under his leadership stoking concerns that Trump had influenced the apolitical central bank. Trump has been highly critical of the Feds rate hikes calling the increases his biggest threat. Trumps attacks were frequent last fall when the stock market was plunging in value a drop that the president blamed in part on the Feds rate hikes. The Fed is like a powerful golfer who cant score because he has no touch he cant putt!The only problem our economy has is the Fed

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