Team Trump is on a remarkable losing streak in federal courts

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You may also have noticed that it seems to be on quite the losing streak in those court cases. What you might not have realized is how remarkably bad the Team Trump record has gotten. The normal win rate for the government in such cases is about 70 percent according to analysts and studies. And with a 6 percent win rate nobody will be mistaking them for competent anytime soon. Whether theyre left none of them will endorse Stephen Moore for the Fed. Trumps chief economic adviser Larry Kudlow showed the op ed to Trump over lunch last week according to two people familiar with the matter. This week Trump called Moore himself and asked if hed accept a nomination to the board. president trump undercut his own treasury department on friday by announcing that he was rolling back north korea sanctions that it imposed just a day ago. The Treasury Department on Thursday imposed new sanctions on two Chinese shipping companies that it says have been helping North Korea evade international sanctions

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