Trumps Federal Reserve nominee Stephen Moores messy divorce

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Moores position on interest rates dovetails with that of Trumps annoyance with Powell and the Fed. The spokeswoman had no comment on the details of Moores divorce and financial dispute with his ex wife. The details surrounding Moores divorce may make his path to confirmation even trickier. Moores personal finances seem to be as error riddled as his economic pronouncements. The choice of supply side economic crackpot Stephen Moore for a seat at the Federal Reserve is daft even by Trump standards. Stephen Moore is the Larry Kudlow of Bill Kristols. I guess Im stuck with you he reportedly said of Powell. Trump has complained that Powell is tightening interest rates too much a measure used to prevent inflation but which raises the cost of borrowing and generally has the effect of slowing spending and economic growth. He also wants the Fed to stop shrinking its asset portfolio. It is widely considered taboo for presidents to micromanage or politically attack the Feds activities

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