Why the Fed will swat away Trumps call for QE4

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I would say in terms of quantitative tightening the president said Friday to reporters. If there is an easing cycle the Fed would first reduce interest rates to zero. Congressional Republicans had a profound dislike of the Feds quantitative easing programs and fretted it would lead to hyperinflation. Trumps proposed selections for the Fed both were opposed to quantitative easing. The pickup in job growth helped to boost U. I think they should drop rates and they should get rid of quantitative tighteningyou would see a rocket ship Trump said. A court official accompanied by four police officers had to break into the home of Stephen Moore after he repeatedly failed to pay debts to his ex wife. They were there to prepare the property for a court wife after their divorce. The court records were reopened to the public by a judge on Friday in response to legal action by the Guardian and other media. Six days after the authorized break in at his house the records show

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