President Trump Expands Order Defunding International Planned Parenthood to Stop More Abortion Funding

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22 meeting in the Oval Office the officials said. He argued the money should stay on the mainland and and that no amount will fix the issues facing Puerto Rico. 3 million already struggling people in Puerto Rico saw a reduction in their benefits. The clinic relies on food stamp money from patients. Thankfully President Trump and Secretary Pompeo are just as relentless in working to ensure taxpayers arent forced into a partnership with the abortion industry overseas. This is an 80 20 issue and the American people have made it clear they do not want their taxpayer dollars subsidizing abortions. aid to groups that provide or promote abortion overseas. Anti abortion advocates immediately hailed Pompeos announcement the latest in a series of State Department efforts to curb abortion. Jen Kates said that her organization was still reviewing how Pompeos announcement would reduce abortion access. left abortion organizations such as the american civil liberties union

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