An Appeals Court Ruled For The First Time That Trump Can Be Sued In State Court

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WASHINGTON An appeals court in New York on Thursday became the first appeals court nationwide to rule that a sitting president in this case President Donald Trump is not immune from civil lawsuits in state court. Trumps personal attorney in the case which is New Yorks highest state court. A ruling from that court can be appealed to the US Supreme Court. the press comes firstowners of studio 54 steve rubell. Three thousand to four thousand showed up owner of Studio 54 and a principal client of Roy Cohns. And then he goes on to say Donald learned this from Roy. TRUMP SCUTTLES DEAL THAT WOULD AVOID SENATE REBUKETrumps legal team can seek to have the appellate courts ruling reviewed by the New York State Supreme Court in Albany. Trumps lawyers have said the case shouldnt go forward while hes in office. Trump claims that Zervos made numerous attempts to contact him and seek employment even after the alleged sexual harassment occurred

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