CNNs Cuomo Theres 100 percent behavior by people around Trump that qualifies as collusion

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Many people assume that the Trump ur text The Art of the Deal offers a window into Trumps worldview. But that book and the others that followed were ghostwritten to sound like something Trump would believe not what he actually thinks. That may have been one of the more inappropriate venues but Trump has said things like that in speeches for many years. There are a lot of people out there who have done very I would say treasonous things against our country. Its tempting to say that this is just Trump being Trump but his family and his henchmen in the Congress are taking him seriously and they are running with it. That theres Russia collusion Duffy said. Youre telling me I have to present the bottom line Cuomo injected before Duffy could finish. Collusion is when youre doing sneaky things with people that you know youre not supposed to do it with Cuomo later added. the russia investigation didnt register in the results according to. The Trump administration on Tuesday defended a plan to eliminate federal funding for the Special Olympics saying charity donations could make up the difference

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