Dan Rather destroys Donald Trumps talking point that the president has nothing to hide

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The host asked Rather about Trumps reversal on whether special counsel Robert Muellers report should be released. If it completely exonerates him what is the big deal? Lemon asked. Its tough when youre talking about the president of the United States Lemon interjected. completely exonerates him if it exonerates him he should want it out there for everybody to see. The move didnt surprise Claudia Badillo but it does concern her. Trump also seemed to overlook the fact that Puerto Rico is part of the United States the president suggested that farmers were more deserving of federal relief than Puerto Ricans. He continues to alienate Puerto Rico Badillo said. Cristina Pacione Zayas also had concerns about the language Trump used. President Donald Trump took a few jabs at Joe Biden as the former vice president found himself facing allegations of inappropriate touching by two women on Tuesday. Democratic House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has warned Biden to keep his distance amid the allegations

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