Demands That Trump End Economic War and Attempts at Regime Change at HandsOffVenezuela March on Capitol Hill

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The demonstration came seven weeks after the Trump administration recognized opposition leader Juan Guaido as interim president who won re election last May. sanctions on Venezuelas state owned oil company followed on top of the $30 million per day earlier U. medeabenjamin we are absolutely opposed to economic sanctions in venezuela at the #handsoffvenezuela rally. Kaine said on CBSs Face the Nation that white nationalism is a growing issue and that Trump has not done enough to call it out. Asked on Friday if he believes white nationalism is a growing threat very serious problems. Kaine said Sunday that Trump is not creating white nationalists but that he is using language that emboldens them. CBS late night host Stephen Colbert ripped into President Donald Trump in a new interview calling him a delicious idiot and saying that what hes doing to American families is horrible. Now theres one subject according to Variety. I dont think theres anything wrong with it he added. Because its the second half of white nationalist he said in response to Trump calling himself a nationalist

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