Democratic Rep Dave Loebsack will retire from competitive Iowa seat that swung from Obama to Trump

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Dave Loebsack announced that he would not seek re election in Iowas 2nd Congressional District. Loebsack leaves behind a southeastern Iowa seat that swung from 56 45 Trump. While he campaigned against the Bush administration and the Iraq War Loebsack called Leach a good man in his ads. Leach didnt seem particularly angry about the upset and he endorsed Barack Obama two years later. Hate Crime RateOne way to adjust the data would be to look at how much of the countrys population it covers. Just because the victim and the offender are of different race or creed doesnt mean a hate crime occurred. Before Donald Trump took office continued Thompson. We had spikes but what we have now is a constant pushing of the system so that it doesnt work. California certainly is always saying well give them more people. The extent of this Administrations cynicism and cruelty cannot be overstated said House Speaker Nancy Pelosi in a statement Friday

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