Did Trump Obstructed Justice Thats A Complicated Question

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Did Trump Obstruct Justice?Thats A Complicated Question The Justice Department has told Congress the special counsel found no prosecutable case of conspiracy or collusion against the president and his campaign. The obstruction issue is more complicated. Writing in the New York Times while paying no price among his core voters. The Mueller report marked a low point for more substantive norms of presidential conduct he said. It shows that a demagogic president like Donald Trump can devalue or even depart radically from key norms so long as he operates mostly and brazenly in full public view. For a demagogue shamelessness is its own reward. So now Trump wants to punish people he perceives are his enemies because they objectively reported on the nearly two year Mueller investigation. Trump called for an investigation of his critics and cast himself as a victim within an hour of learning Muellers findings. It is one thing for Donald Trump to attack the media and to try to destroy their credibility. It is now more important than ever that Democrats in the House of Representatives step forward to challenge Donald Trump and his autocratic ways

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