Donald Trump Is Headed For Landslide Victory In 2020 Says Economic Model That Is Almost Always Right

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I dont know why he would do that or why it happened the way it did. Trump tweeted on Friday that he had ordered the withdrawal of additional sanctions announced by the Treasury Department. The tweet sparked mass confusion as the administration had not announced sanctions against North Korea on the same day. I dont know how they issued this and then suddenly he changed his mind the Florida Republican said. I wish it hadnt happened that way and it shouldnt have happened that way Rubio said. A buoyant Trump reacted to the release of Mueller chief findings with a mix of celebration personal grievance and calls for political retribution. Special Counsel Mueller Wraps Up Russia ProbeSpecial counsel Robert Mueller has finished his investigation into Russian election meddling officials said Friday. And Trump tweeted ongoing denouncements about the Mueller probe saying it is the biggest scandal in the history of the country. Donald Trump may be faltering in approval numbers and losing in head head polls for the 2020 election but an economic model that has been consistently correct in picking presidential winners say he is headed to a landslide victory. As the Independent reported economic models that have been consistent in predicting presidential winners are all indicating that Trump is headed to re election in two years

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