Heres What Trump Administration Officials Got Paid at Fox News

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Trump told donors that he didnt understand how any Jew could vote for a Democrat these days which cited three people at the off record event. If he could run for prime minister of Israel he would be polling at 98 percent. Jewish Democrats criticized Trump for his claims of antisemitism within their party. In the midterm elections 82% of the two party Jewish vote went to Democrats. Cohen has been under fire from Republicans and Trump for testifying that he had never asked for amid reports that Cohens attorneys discussed the prospect of a pardon with Trumps legal team while Cohen was still a part of the Trump joint defense agreement. Cohen stands by his statement in a letter to House Oversight Chairman Elijah Cummings that was obtained by CNN. Monico argued in the letter that Cohens statement was written in the context of Mr. Cohen personally ask President Trump for a pardon or did the President offer Mr. trump scuttles deal that would avoid senate rebuke audible. In an effort to avoid voting in favor of the Houses resolution to terminate Trumps #FakeEmergency GOP senators are proposing legislation to allow Trump to violate the Constitution *just this once

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