Kellyanne Conway Responds to Omars Claim That Trump Isnt Human We Dont Really Care

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special counsel to the president kellyanne conway dropped a truth bomb on those who have insulted president donald trump and other members of the white house. Omar instead claimed that she didnt think that Obama was just more polished rather she thinks that Trump isnt even comparable because hes really not human. While Omars dehumanizing comments bothered many it doesnt seem like Conway or the rest of the administration cared in the slightest. Prior to her time in the White House making her the first woman to guide a presidential campaign to victory. But thats not the case with Beto ORourke the former Texas congressman who threw his hat in the ring late Wednesday. Beto runs the risk of appearing shallow he noted. Or was he offering that as a cynical alternative to the House resolution period?Pelosis already vowed to ignore Lees bill in the House unless the Senate passes the House resolution. The House resolution would fail in the Senate and Lees bill would pass Trump would have secured a total victory. Go figure that Mike Pence wasnt able to deliver on his promise to Senate Republicans that Trump would back Lees bill. Says Paul Manaforts sentencing judge conceded that there was absolutely no evidence of any Russian collusion in this case

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