Papadopoulos Hints Conversation That Launched Trump Russia Probe Was FBI Setup

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Mifsud has long been a focal point of those on the right attempting to disembowel the Russia collusion hoax. Then working with Mifsud and Mifsuds supposed Russian connections. In his weekend tweet Papadopoulos implicated an FBI legal attach working in the U. in the plot to put him in contact with Mifsud. It worked and Mifsuds supposed tip about the Russian hacking provided the FBI the pretext necessary to launch a full investigation into the Trump campaign for supposedly colluding with Russia. Having apparently survived the Mueller report particularly against his opponents. Plus there is always the potential for a surprise; the Trump administration could be tested by a sudden crisis. It will be tougher for Nicolas Maduro in Venezuela where it appears the instinct of both Trump and Bolton is to be aggressive. A year and a half ago Trump floated the idea that the U. If Trump feels emboldened on Iran there are plenty of people in his administration and the volatile Middle East only too happy to help

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