Sanders Presidential Campaign To Visit States That Helped Trump In 2016

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Bernie Sanders kicks off a tour of key states that helped send Trump to the White House. Sanders is trying to convince Democratic voters that hes the best candidate to defeat Trump. They dont want to be removed from office and sent to prison for five years just for doing Trumps bidding. The good conduct provisions of the tax law are as broad as they are severe. Should congressional tax lawyers anyone with knowledge of the cheating would also be at risk of prosecution. It said the White House told ICE that the plan was partly meant to conserve jail space but also partly to send a message to Democrats. jed eganrepublicans once thought that the trump tax cuts would save paul ryans majority. Meanwhile consumers started making plans for their forthcoming tax refunds. the smaller number of tax refunds this year is showing up in another way. Analysts say that lower tax refunds are largely to blame for the drop in spending since many families use refunds as a mandatory saving mechanism that pays out each year come tax time

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