These 21 facts that explain exactly who Trump puppet master Stephen Miller really is

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Dating back to junior high school Miller has been the unwavering right winger now before us. Im very conscious now that he was treated the same way that Trump washe wasnt taken seriously. In a piece titled Stephen Miller is David Dukes Favorite Jew Forward picks up recent tweets from the former Klansman applauding Miller. During a Senate hearing Wednesday Attorney General William Barr said he believed spying by federal intelligence agencies on the Trump campaign did occur. We want to make sure that during elections I think spying on a political campaign is a big deal. Its not entirely clear what spying Barr is specifically referring to. Wednesday on MSNBCs Live former Democratic Rep. Elizabeth Holtzman said Attorney General William Barr is not independent but rather a Republican hatchet man. Holtzman said Hes a Republican hatchet man. The only reason I can think that Barr is doing this is he is a flunky for Donald Trump

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