Trumps Golf Caddy Puts Hater On Chokehold For Dissing President

trump hat


It seems Trumps insistence upon absolute loyalty rubbed off on his personal golf caddy. Trumps food and then use the word hate about my president. anyway and I sure as hell didnt want to be on a Trump course. Pompeo made the remarks in an interview with Christian Broadcasting Network where he visited the Western Wall with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. The Old Testament Book of Esther relates that Esther saving the Jews of the kingdom. Netanyahu calling the presidents statement a Purim miracle. A White House spokesperson acknowledge receiving Cummingss letter Thursday and said the chairmans requests would be reviewed. The request is part of the Oversight Committees broader effort to get information about White House operations and Kushners security clearance process. If the White House does not respond he suggested that he would consider subpoenaing the records

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