Trumps latest interior secretary nominee threw out report on pesticides that threaten 1200 species

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It may not be a collusion but it is a lie. Thats what makes the Interior Department analysis of the pesticides malathion and chlorpyrifos such a victoryand what happened next such a horror show. Instead Donald Trump inserted industry lobbyist David Bernhardt as deputy secretary of the interior. For his work in assisting the pesticide industry Bernhardt is now on track for a promotion. He is Trumps new nominee to be the next secretary of the interior and his confirmation hearing is coming up on Thursday. The strategy paid off insulating Trump from the legal jeopardy presented by a sit an interview that Trump had said publicly he wanted to do. Despite the tentative date being set Trumps legal advisers were split. In agreeing to the tentative interview date Dowd said. By the end of last year Trumps lawyers had little interaction with Muellers team. To start with the obvious the conclusion that Trump has been exonerated is premature

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