Trump calls House vote condemning hate a disgrace

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President Trump on Friday blasted a House resolution condemning hate after backlash from a number of factions across the Democratic Party forced changes to a bill that originally focused on anti Semitism. I thought yesterdays vote by the House was disgraceful because the Democrats have become an anti Israel party. Theyve become an anti Jewish party Trump told reporters on the South Lawn before departing to survey tornado damage in Alabama. During last weeks public hearings representing hush money payments by Trump to keep the public from knowing about his affair with adult film star Stormy Daniels. The president hosted a foreign leader in the Oval Office then wrote a check. The Trump camp argues that Democrats will play into the presidents hands if they subject him The Hill reported Sunday. They are making Donald Trump a sympathetic figure and themselves bullies. Tim Cook Apple and that the Cook part was too soft to hear. If Trump wants to know what true anti Semitism looks like all he needs to do is look at himself. Theyre in blackface apparently joking about the masks Secret Service agents sometimes wear

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