Trump Resister Encouraging Illegal Teacher Strikes in Tennessee Has Links to a Left Wing Organization That Received Funding from George Soros

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So when will Tennessee teachers strike? Spears wrote. Williamson Strong sprang up at around the same time also with a similar focus on elections. Most of the recent public posts to Sumners Strong Schools Facebook page are from Spears Tennessee Education Report. Indeed the Peoples Action website states that it is a national organization that is driven by local and state organizing. Peoples Action Institutes director is George Goehl who co sponsored a demonstration at the U. That sort of thing is exactly why the American people deserve to see Trumps tax returns. The conflicts of interests plus instances of blatantly abusing his power to enrich himself probably number in the hundreds. Under Trump the Republican Party has no principle beyond that of loyalty to its leader. Whatever values the Republican Party may have once stood for have been completely abandoned under this president. regarding the threat of tariffs the breakdown in immigration are very important issues

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