Trump tweets that OPEC should boost oil production as gas prices rise in US

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Trump tweeted Thursday the international oil cartel. Everyones seen gas prices surge across the country he said. Oil is refined into gasoline so oil prices have a direct impact on what Americans pay at the pump. Weve seen a movie that we see every spring Kloza said. Appearing on Friday with Fox Business host Neil Cavuto I think that Congressman Schiff is correct. In that report will be evidence of the existence of a conspiracy. In that report will be evidence of obstruction of justice interfering with an FBI investigation for a personal gain. Jenny Town said the content of the US document was not surprising. North Korea has repeatedly rejected unilateral disarmament and argues that its weapons program is needed for defense a belief reinforced by the fate Gaddafi and others. We define denuclearization as meaning the elimination of their nuclear weapons program Bolton said

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