What Would Happen If President Trump Were President Of A Public Company

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My premise being that weve normalized and accepted certain behaviors and tolerate things in a U. president that would never be tolerated in a major public company president. donald trump never ran a public company but a privately owned family business. were just concerned with the actions and behavior of the company president and its potential effects on the brand. Compared to a public company president a U. Net net would a major public company president who acted this in fashion be allowed to stay with the company in his presidential role?. The Senate as currently constituted is not going to end Donald Trumps presidency. A few things that Donald Trump said when he got elected are correct. Trump said to reporters You also had people that were very fine people on both sides. Trump was upset that Fox had suspended program host Jeanine Pirro after Pirro attacked Minnesota Congressmember Ilhan Omar for wearing a hijab

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