Democrat Says Hell Take Trump Like Path To Presidency

trump hell


But the political newcomer says hell ride what seems like an improbable path to the White House just like President Donald Trump. Yang is banking on a high profile appearance on the Democratic debate stage later this year for his message to catch on. Yang said that like Trump hell break away by taking on issues no other candidate will talk about especially his plan to give money to most every American. He also predicts savings by streamlining existing social programs like welfare and food stamps proposing to let people elect to give up those benefits in favor of universal basic income. The Trump administration has yet to accept any Yemeni refugees this year. It has banned nearly all permanent immigration from the country including for immediate family members of U. citizens and it has stopped issuing most temporary visas. On last nights episode of his YourVoice America program which could endanger his re election chances in 2020. I believe that everybody else that is on our side here is going to come forward and is going to take these guys down big time Mitchell said. Youre going to have a very discouraged base and theyre not going to go out and vote

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