Trump hasnt really thought about Kobach for Homeland Security cabinet post

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im the only person running homeland security 09. President Trump says he wanted to bring both Colyer and Kobach to Washington President Trump said he wanted to bring both Kansas governor Jeff Colyer and Republican gubernatorial candidate Kris Kobach to Washington D. President Donald Trump told reporters during a trip to Texas Wednesday that he hasnt thought about appointing Kris Kobach to head the Department of Homeland Security. Havent really thought about that according to a White House pool report. Trump had been asked earlier in the day whether he was considering White House adviser Stephen Miller for the role. Millers a brilliant man but theres only one person running Homeland Security. Trumps point is valid in the sense that hes ultimately responsible for the performance of Homeland Security. Put simply and a gaping hole on the GOPs political flank. Senate Democrats will have multiple opportunities to rip homeland security policies and actions in the confirmation hearings. I believe the reason he wont show us his taxes is because hes not as rich as he claims to be

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