Omar on the Difference Between Obama and Trump One Is Human

trump human


While trying to walk back recent comments likening former President Obama to a murderer Rep. created a new headache for House Democratic leaders. In trying to clarify that contrary to her recent comments to Politico she does view President Trump differently from Obama Omar may have over corrected. That is silly to even think and equate the two one is human the other is not. Omars comments came after she told Politico in an interview published last Friday that the Obama administration was responsible for the caging of kids at the U. Mexico border and the droning of countries around the world. The resolution did not mention Omar by name leading President Trump to call it disgraceful. On Friday the president told reporters that Democrats have become an anti Israel party. Ilhan Omar suggested that President Trump is not human when questioned about her criticisms of the commander chief and former President Barack Obama. They just were more polished than he was

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