House Democrats Unveil Sweeping Bill to Protect Some of Trumps Top Immigrant Targets

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The Dream and Promise Act may have a shot at passage in the House. President Donald Trumps 2020 budget proposal asks for billions of dollars to finish building 722 miles of wall along the US Mexico border. Buried in the budget summary is a proposal to make legal immigrants help pay for it. making immigrants pay more money so that the rest of the government can spend more. The Trump administration is expected to release its own fee regulation in the near future. It certainly indicates the Trump administration isnt terribly worried that high costs might prevent some eligible immigrants from becoming citizens or might prevent some immigrants from maintaining their legal status period. We need workers he told a group of activists recently. Trump will follow through on his recent pro business messaging. Trump endorsed the Raise Act a Republican Senate bill that would reduce legal immigration by as much as 50 percent. Chris Chmielenski said companies should be pressured to hire more Americans instead

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