Schumer says GOP will buck Trump on immigration if they feel heat

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The Trump administration is preparing to trim its budget by closing down numerous immigration offices around the world a move that will likely make it harder for foreign nationals to relocate to the United States. Services currently being performed by the nearly two dozen offices abroad will instead be transferred to domestic offices and the State Departments consulates and embassies. This is another instance of the Trump administration halting legal immigration by denying people the opportunity to file for immigration benefits in the most expedient manner stated immigration attorney Margaret Stock. Citizenship and Immigration Services operates in over 20 different countries. With Trumps base stubbornly loyal but stuck in the lower 40 percent range and the president seemingly uninterested in expanding it Democrats and media see the billionaire as vulnerable in just 86 weeks. Associated PressSAN FRANCISCO The Trump administration will try to persuade a U. appeals court on Wednesday to block California laws aimed at protecting immigrants seeking a win in one of numerous lawsuits between the White House and the Democratic dominated state. California officials say their policies limiting cooperation with U. immigration authorities promote trust between immigrant communities and law enforcement and encourage witnesses and victims to report crime. The Trump administration is asking a three judge panel of the 9th Circuit to entirely block all three laws

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