Trump Immigration Apprehensions hit 12 year high on southwest border

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The White House pushed back against the idea of any differences in goals between Miller and Kushner. Citizenship and Immigration Services dropped the ball for not taking steps to more rigorously scrutinize asylum cases. The advisor said whatever reductions on immigration cant be made to illegal immigration would likely be made to legal immigration. Late last year Kushner helped kick off a fresh discussion on immigration that reflected a new paradigm in the White House. The Border Patrol is facing an unprecedented humanitarian and border security crisis the Border Patrols chief of law enforcement operations. And more immigrants are emboldened to make the dangerous journey. The difference is that the majority of illegal border crossings back then were Mexican males trying to avoid Border Patrol agents and now the majority are Central American families seeking out Border Patrol agents to request asylum. Promising to take a tougher direction on immigration Trump purged top leaders at the Department of Homeland Security. Trump threatened two weeks ago to seal off the border to stop immigrants and drugs from flowing into the USA. The conflict came into focus during a recent White House meeting when Trump effectively knighted Miller saying the aide would be in charge of immigration going forward

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