Trump Is Reportedly Mulling The Creation Of An Immigration Czar

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The discussion comes as Trump is threatening to close the southern border as soon as this week if Mexico does not completely halt illegal immigration to the U. White House press aides Kobach and Cuccinelli did not immediately respond to requests for comment Monday. Kobach previously served as vice chair of the presidents short lived election fraud commission which was disbanded after finding little evidence of widespread fraud. Trumps focus on immigration had touched on numerous government agencies Defense and Justice. former virginia attorney general ken cuccinelli or former kansas secretary of state kris kobach according to sources who spoke with the associated press. The selected candidate could be brought on to assist Trump coordinate his goals across the several federal agencies that manage immigration. An appoint within the White House would be a quick hire. Talk of an immigration czar comes as the situation on the U. Mexico border escalates and the president pushes greater enforcement measures. President Donald Trump may appoint an immigration czar to help him coordinate the governments fractured authority over border security according to a report by the Associated Press

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