Trump Is Wasting Our Immigration Crisis

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Top advisers to President Donald Trump will present him with a proposed immigration plan in coming days that will cover border security and immigration reform his senior adviser and son law Jared Kushner said on Tuesday. The plan will cover stopping illegal immigration based immigration system Kushner said. Speaking at a Time Magazine forum Kushner said he would present what he described as a very detailed plan to Trump at the end of the week or early next week. Kushner has held about 50 listening sessions with conservative groups on immigration a senior administration official said. studies show that a majority show up for their hearings but tens of thousands have not. As I said many of these families do meet the standards for asylum; others are looking for work. Everyone gets a health check and an interview to determine what legal track to be put on. We have a lot of objectives Number one Kushner said as he briefly described an immigration reform plan which he will present to the president in the next two weeks. Number one he wants to protect American wages. My hope is that we can really do something that unifies people around what we are for in immigration

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