Trump isnt getting rid of immigration judges but his administration is still making it harder to seek asylum

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However on Tuesday told FOX Business things should have been much different. Continue Reading BelowThe president has wanted this wall for so long he told Lou Dobbs. That should be done immediately he said. That would hit Mexico in the pocketbook they get about $20 billion a year from remittances. Cuccinelli was seen at the White House on Monday. White House press aides Kobach and Cuccinelli did not immediately respond Monday to requests for comment. Homeland Security is not allowed to hold children in detention facilities for longer than 20 days. If you take Donald Trump at his word he wants to get rid of judges. The Trump administration is trying to allow fewer asylum seekers to the point of seeing judgesUnsurprisingly Trumps comments do not reflect the reality of American immigration law. Its to have fewer people pass the credible fear screening

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