Trump Says We Have xe2x80x98The Worst Dumbest Immigration System In The World

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As he threatens to shut down the southern border according to four people familiar with the discussions. Cuccinelli was seen at the White House on Monday. White House press aides Kobach and Cuccinelli did not immediately respond Monday to requests for comment. Homeland Security is not allowed to hold children in detention facilities for longer than 20 days. Trump already has spoken about expanding legal immigration at least four times this year. He is being urged to offset his increases with reductions in other forms of legal immigration. The outside Trump adviser said he is skeptical any proposal will pass because Democrats will ask for a larger immigration deal than just addressing this piece of legal immigration. As he moves to close the southern border dumbest immigration system in the world. Trump was describing Tuesday what he believes to be a border crisis with Mexico according to The Hill. it is the worst dumbest immigration system in the world

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