Congresswoman circulates letter to gather support from lawmakers to impeach Trump for alleged crimes

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House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has asked her colleagues seeking impeachment to tone down the rhetoric and President Trump has said his enemies in Congress will be unsuccessful. Like a confused ex after an apology he even praised Mueller when he used to publicly shit on him. maxine waters says she will not lay off trump despite mueller report. Rashida Tlaib is circulating a letter among her Democratic colleagues in the House that asks them to join a resolution seeking to investigate President Donald Trump for impeachable offenses. The fact that President Trump has yet to comply with various clauses of our U. The freshman Democratic congresswoman wants to determine if Trump and his businesses violated the Foreign Emoluments Clause which prohibits him from taking payments from foreign entities. Democrats that propagated Russian conspiracy theories have been forced to go on defense since the fallout of Muellers findings. Trump said that he was sure Congressional Democrats would not be pursuing impeachment proceedings

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